Fire Risk Assessments

Our experienced team guide you through every step of your fire risk assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you must appoint a competent person to assist in undertaking of preventative and protective measures.

To ensure you are using a competent provider, use an organisation that is third-party certificated by a UKAS-certified certification body (such as BAFE). This applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space.

If you employ five or more people or hold a licence issued by another authority (such as alcohol licence), you are required to record the findings of your fire risk assessment and review it regularly – usually annually.

Our Process

Step 1: Preparation

Preparation for your fire risk assessment visit is key.

Our operations team will schedule a date for your fire risk assessment. Before the assessment we send over a checklist to help you prepare for the visit.

The checklist lets you know what will happen during the assessment, what the assessor will be looking for and what the most common issues found during fire risk assessments are.

Step 2: Audit

Once your fire risk assessment has been completed, it is audited by our Compliance Department before being released via our industry leading cloud-based reporting software.

Our cloud based software gives full visibility and transparency over your fire safety compliance – providing huge savings in time and resource and eliminating human error.

Access levels can be set for key people within the business, allowing you full control over who has access to each site and who has the ability to close down action points. Read only access can be provided to users – ideal for external audits.

Step 3: Review

Your fire risk assessment is a live working document. Once your assessment has been released, our compliance team are on hand to provide expert guidance, using their industry knowledge and a common-sense approach to ensure the most efficient route to compliance is met.

Your fire risk assessment should be reviewed by our team on a regular basis. The frequency should be decided based on risk however this is usually carried out once per year.

There are other instances that would trigger a review of the fire risk assessment be carried out.

Benefits to your business



We hold BAFE SP205 accreditation for delivery fire risk assessments.


As your compliance partner, we save you time to spend on your business.


Our software provides full visibility across your site(s).


Our compliance team are on hand to provide any support you require.

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