Nimbus CRM at Chester Zoo

Industry leading fire alarm management system across multiple system types


Nimbus fire alarm management system with Control Room Monitor

Nimbus has helped us up our game when it comes to fire safety compliance. Firesec were great from start to finish. We dicussed exactly what we wanted, and ended up getting more functionality than we knew we could. We're now planning on integration with our IP CCTV systems so that when there is a fire alarm activation, the camera covering that area is automatically brought up for our security operators to see exactly what is going on.

I've been blown away by what the system can do, and Firesec have implemented it across such a large site impeccably. I can't recommend enough.

Nimbus is a real game changer

The Challenge

Chester Zoo wanted their security team to be able to be alerted to all fire alarm activations and faults to provide a fast response to protect their staff, members of the public and their animals.

The challenge came from dealing with over 10 different makes and models of fire alarm systems in over 40 locations across over 100 acres.


The Solution

Firesec installed their Nimbus Cloud Based Management system to each of the fire alarm systems. Nimbus works with every make and model of fire alarm system and communicates over a secure GPRS network, eliminating the need for expensive radio equipment or cabling.

Control Room Monitor was installed in the security lodge to provide a complete overview of the site. Control Room Monitor is a PC Windows application that receives, displays and logs events from Nimbus connected systems. Alarms and events are presented to the operator with site specific and operational instructions, giving the security team the ability to get information directly from the fire alarm system without having to leave their control room.

In addition to solving the initial problem, Chester Zoo also enjoy the following benefits from their Nimbus installation:

  • Event notifications for each individual building are sent email in real time to managers and keyholders for that area of the site
  • Weekly test management and performance indication
  • Ability to monitor and measure fire alarm contractor performance
  • Independent evidential audit trail of testing
  • Electronic total life history
  • Per device asset log
  • Compliance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Compliance with BS5839/EN54 service requirements